React to racism

Job@uBuntu participates and contributes to React to Racism, an action in the plan to fight racism.

React to Racism is an initiative of the non-profit organization ORBIT, Avansa Oost-Brabant and Mwinda Kitoko, with the financial support of the Federal Secretary of State for Equal Opportunities.

Thanks to the members of the React to Racism steering group who helped decide on the implementation of the project: Claire Yü-P’ei Hollants, Aileen Tang, Nyanchama Okemwa (Hand in Hand), Fatih Ari (Bindus), Rachida Ouchoukout, Sarlina Kandel, Elias Verbeeck, Mattijs Messely (Unia), Yassin El Attar (city of Louvain), Ivy Goutsmit (FMDO), ORBIT asbl and Avansa Oost-Brabant.

Visit the React to Racism website for more information.